Meet the Blockchain Unicorns — YE 2020

Free webinar introduces you to each of them and what they do.

At the end of every year we do our analysis to figure out how many blockchain unicorns there are and how much value has been created in the sector. As the world’s leading blockchain venture fund of funds, that is something that we need to do.

This year it became more complicated at the request of our investors many of which wanted to also know about the distributed, token projects that have more than $1 billion in value in their unissued registries. That is hard to know for sure, but we have attempted that too.

31 make the cut. Tell us about others after you listen to the free webinar at

Thank you and have a great holiday to end this crazy year of 2020.

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Matthew Le Merle

Matthew Le Merle is co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era which manages Blockchain Coinvestors, and of Keiretsu Capital